Maytag Appliance Repair

Just like Whirlpool, LG and many other brands of appliances, Maytag manufactures all major household appliances from air conditioners to microwaves. Maytag appliances score high on the reliability scale, but not all of them are equally reliable.

From our experience in Maytag appliance repair in Fairfax, Va., Maytag front-loading washers and refrigerators with a freezer compartment on top are among appliances that break quite often.

A name brand and the high price you pay for it don’t always guarantee reliability. Sometimes you get a lemon – a poorly assembled model. In other cases, a company may unknowingly purchase a bad batch of materials that are then made into soon-to-fail components.

However, don’t despair if your Maytag appliance breaks prematurely. Our techs at Discount Appliance Repair know all the weak spots and can take the best care of your Maytag dishwasher, refrigerator or other brand-name appliance.