Things You Find in the Washing Machine

credit card in jeans pocketHave you ever opened a washer and discovered shredded paper all over your clothes? Many people made that mistake at least once in their lives. At Discount Appliance Repair, we recommend thoroughly examining the clothes before loading the washer. All those things left in the pockets, no matter how small and harmless, are capable of ruining your washer.


Common damage to the washing machine from various debris:

  • Clogged drain pipe that, in its turn, may significantly slow down the drainage or lead to water overflowing.
  • Physical damage to the motor if the debris work their way in.
  • Broken door seal: sharp objects can directly damage the seal, while smaller particles might get deposited on the seal preventing the door from fully closing.

As a Virginia appliance repair company, we’ve encountered a few washers that experienced such damage. However, your washing machine is not the only one that suffers: your clothes and the contents of your pockets get ruined too.

Here are some of the most common items that make it to the wash cycle:

  • Electronics: cell phones, mp3 players, memory cards, Nintendo games and flash drives. They rarely make it out alive.
  • Paper: money, small notepads, sticky notes, business cards, tissues, name tags and IDs. The laminated ones have a chance of survival and the rest usually turn into a paper mush.
  • Food: candy, gum and mints. They create a sticky mess ending up all over your clean clothes and the inside of the washer. Some serious scrubbing may be required to clean it off.
  • Stationery: pens, pencils, crayons, etc.
  • Makeup: chopstick, lip gloss, lotion – if flavored, they might make all clothes in the load smell like them. That’s not a bad thing, but having grease all over the washer walls is not as pleasant.
  • Accessories: jewelry, hair pins, clothes pins, glasses, etc.
  • Other: keys, lighters, coins, pocket knives often are sharp and weigh enough to put some dents and scratches on the inside of your washer.

Make sure you and everyone who does the laundry have a habit of checking the clothes. Especially if there are kids in the house, because you never know what you find in their pockets: from toys and marbles to rocks and sandwiches. Put a memo in front of the washer to help remember, and if you experience any problems with your washing machine, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.