The Dangers of Improper Appliance Installation

One of the more dangerous situations a homeowner can put themselves in is through the improper installation of an appliance. Whether the appliance is a stove, washing machine, or dishwasher, it is best to leave the installation to the experts.

Many homeowners fail to realize that they may actually need a license or permit to install household appliances. This is not a blatant advertisement at home improvement stores, so they believe that installing an appliance is as simple as plugging it into the outlet in the wall and admiring their new appliance.

However, it is not that simple. There are many dangerous associated with appliance installation.

The most dangerous appliance to attempt to install without assistance is the gas stove. Gas-range stoves employ the use of gas in order to provide homeowners with a faster, more efficient method of food preparation. If the gas line is not installed properly, gas could leak into the home and escalate to a fire if exposed to excess heat.

Gas leaks also can contribute to the release of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that is toxic to humans and animals. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs from overexposure to carbon monoxide. Unless caught extremely early, it almost always leads to death.

Through proper installation, these hazards are avoidable. However, many homeowners do not want to bear the brunt of the costs associated with the installation of appliances.

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It is vital to employ an expert technician to assist in any appliance installation to avoid the unnecessary costs and dangerous associated with inexperienced appliance installation.