How to Survive Summer Without Air Conditioning

cracked, dry soilIn one of our previous posts we’ve discussed how to reduce A/C-related energy use during summer, but it’s possible to go completely A/C-free. At this point, you might be asking why would anyone voluntary give up the privilege of enjoying the cool air indoors when it’s blazing hot outside. There could be a few reasons from trying to cut down spending to preserving energy for environmental reasons.

At Discount Appliance Repair, we came up with a few ideas for anyone looking to completely eliminate A/C from their lives.

Move into the basement

This solution will work only if (1) you have a basement and (2) it is cooler than the rest of your home. Basement typically stays cool during summer because it’s a below-grade structure that holds its temperature very well when properly insulated. If you think about it, when you are on a 9 to 5 shift, you are not home during the hottest part of the day. This means you will only need to manage evenings, nights and weekends in the basement, which is quite doable provided you have a comfy bed and means of entertainment.

Note: if your basement smells musty, you might have hidden mold problem. Don’t move into your basement if you find mold or mildew – you risk developing a severe allergy.

Get out of the house whenever you can

It’s summer after all – get out of the house! Yes, it can be very hot sometimes, but there are still plenty of things you can do besides watching TV and staring at your laptop screen, for example:

-    Make a trip to the beach and have your car windows open rather than running A/C

-    Go somewhere: most establishments like movie theaters, bars, restaurants, libraries, gyms, etc. have air conditioning these days.

-    Relax outside: take full advantage of your pool if you have one or go visit a community pool.

-    Go hiking in shady woods and absorb coolness from ice-cold streams.

-    Visit your friends and family – you’ve been putting this off for a while, now is the perfect time!

Dress according to the weather

Your summer clothes needs to be light-colored, light-weight and capable of breathing. At home, wear minimum clothing and avoid layering. As for the work wardrobe, update it with light, loose-fitted pieces that fit your dress code but don’t constrict your body. Choose natural fabrics rather than synthetics for summer.

Note: get silk or satin bedding and sleepwear as these types of fabric always feel cool to touch.

Create drafts and shades

Take advantage of the breezy days: open windows and use screen doors to help the air move throughout your house. On stuffy days, keep the doors and windows shut to preserve coolness and use strategically placed fans to draw air from the cooler basement. Also, use fans at night to get that cool night air flowing through your house.

Keep the blinds and curtains closed during the hottest part of the day. The sunlight coming through the glass contributes to heating up your home. If necessary, put thicker fabrics over the windows to completely block the light.

Cut down the number of indoor heat sources

The sun is already making it hot outside – the last thing you want is to have any indoor heating sources. While it’s obvious that you are not going to run a heater in 90-degrees weather, you might not realize that using certain appliances generates heat. These appliances include stoves and ovens, dryers, and even TVs, laptops and other electronics. Running hot water for showering or doing dishes also contributes to elevated heat and humidity.

To further cool your home, avoid using hot water and heat-generating appliances before sunset. At least after sunset you can rely on cooler night air to help you vent the heat out.

Equipped with this knowledge, you should be able to manage without A/C just fine. Imagine all the money and natural resources you can save! And if you were forced to give up A/C due to a broken unit, call our specialists in appliance repair in Virginia (703-824-8777) – we’ll be able to help without busting your budget.