Spring Cleaning to-do List for Your Household Appliances

Spring is definitely a busy time. Besides changing up the décor, putting away winter boots and coats and planting your garden, you also have a long list of the things to clean. Discount Appliance Repair would like to remind you to include your major household appliances in your spring cleaning spree. They’ve been working hard all winter, because you were indoors most of the time, and deserve some TLC.

Cleaning the outside of your appliances will improve the looks, but to improve the performance you need to clean deeper. Don’t know where? Don’t worry; we’ve put together a quick checklist for you.


-    Remove and examine the racks – clean them if you notice they are covered with greasy residue.

-    Inspect the inside of the dishwasher, especially the corners and the door gasket. Look for cracks and food buildup – clean everything with a soft sponge or brush.

-    Follow the manufacturer’s manual to remove and clean the spray arms (or if it sounds too complicated, we can perform appliance servicing and appliance repair in Fairfax, Va. for you).

-    Then remove the filter basket and the filter itself cleaning it with a soft plastic brush.

-    Carefully examine the drain with your fingers to make sure there is no large debris blocking the opening.

-    Reassemble the parts and run an unloaded dishwasher with a small amount of detergent or a cup of white vinegar.


-    First, unplug the refrigerator.

-    Unload the refrigerator and sort through the food: throw away expired or spoiled products.

-    Clean the inside of the fridge wiping spills and stains. You can soak removable shelves and drawers in a tub for easier cleanup.

-    Clean condenser coils that can be found underneath the refrigerator. They are usually protected by a face plate in the front that you will need to remove. Loosen the dust with a brush and vacuum it up.

-    If possible, pull the fridge out of its niche and clean the coils on the back. Don’t forget to mop the floor!

-    Wipe the door gasket to remove any sticky residue.

-    Place the food back inside and don’t forget to plug the appliance back in.

Stove and Oven

-    Remove everything removable from the surface, including burners if you have a gas stove. Soak the parts in soapy water and wash.

-    Clean the cooktop with manufacturer-recommended cleaning products. Glass cooktops usually require special care.

-    Don’t fully rely on the self-cleaning function if your oven comes with one, because it is known to overheat certain electrical components and it doesn’t clean the oven 100 percent.

-    Clean the oven while it’s still warm with your choice of non-toxic oven cleaner. You can wash racks separately in a sink.

-    Don’t fixate on stubborn stains – as long as you remove cooked-on food, your oven should be good to go.

Washer and Dryer

-    Remove all removable parts and wash them; this mainly includes lint filter and fabric softener and bleach dispensers.

-    Clean the dryer vent with a special long brush or hire a professional.

-    Run a washer cycle with the hottest water setting and two cups of white vinegar. Once the cycle is over, wipe any remaining residue off of the tub walls and agitator.

-    Don’t forget to clean the door seal on front-loading machines as it often harbors mold.

Small Appliances

Don’t forget about the toaster, toaster oven, blender, mixer, coffee maker and other small gadgets you use on a daily basis. Most of them can’t be taken apart, but at least you can improve their appearance.

-    Collect all small appliances on your kitchen counter.

-    Remove and wash removable parts.

-    Wipe the outside with a rag, sponge or a paper towel. Don’t submerge the appliance and try not to get water inside through cracks or perforations.

-    Reach into and clean crevices with a toothpick.

-    Don’t turn the appliance on until it’s absolutely dry.

-    To easily clean microwave, boil water inside and let it stand for a few minutes – steam will loosen up the caked-on food.

Looks like a lot to do? Yes, appliance spring cleaning might be tedious, but it’s way worth it! Not only you get clean and shiny appliances as a result, but you are also prolonging their life and improving energy efficiency. Another bonus is that you get to examine your gadgets inside and out, so you can detect any signs of trouble on the early stages. And if you do, be sure to call our specialists in appliance repair in Virginia. We’ll fix your appliances and replace failing parts before they fail and caus more damage.