Spring Air Conditioner Tune-up Tips

air conditionersSpring is not that far away, which means temperatures have started slowly but steadily rising. Unfortunately, the breezy open-window spring will pass soon, leaving us with stuffiness and humidity.

Is your air conditioning equipment ready for the challenge? Discount Appliance Repair is here today to help you tune up your dormant AC to be ready for the hot summer weather.



Clean the air ducts

It’s spring cleaning after all, so don’t forget to scrub behind the ears. And by that we mean air duct cleaning. Air ducts are usually what we call “out of sight – out of mind.” We know they exist, but barely ever we check up on them. Meanwhile, your AC air ducts accumulate dust and allergens and small debris over the years.

Especially consider air duct cleaning if you have water-based heating system that leaves your air ducts unused during the winter. When you first turn the AC on in the spring, all that settled dust will get blown back into your leaving space. And who knows what kind of animal could have decided that your home’s HVAC system is the perfect winter shelter. You could be dealing with feces and even carcasses that gradually emit toxins into the air you breathe.

Give some TLC to the outdoor unit

Did you clean your AC unit last fall after you shut it down for the winter? It’s good if you did, but it doesn’t hurt to clean again. Although these units are designed for outside use, leaves, twigs, grass clippings and other small debris often get blown into the crevices during the windy winter months. Our Virginia and DC air conditioning technicians have tools and knowledge to clean out your outdoor AC unit and make sure it’s in a perfect working condition.

If you decide to clean the unit yourself, here are a few tips:

  • Be gentle, especially if you are using water pressure to clean the coil.
  • AC coil fins are thin and can easily bent; if you notice bent fins, straighten them to improve the airflow.
  • You can use a soft-bristle brush to remove dust and debris from the crevices.
  • Look for white stains at the corners of the unit – they appear if animals continuously urinate in the same spot, causing the coil to corrode.
  • Check on the pipe insulation and replace it if it deteriorated.
  • Make sure the unit is level.

Important: before you turn your AC on, check the outside unit and make sure it’s not covered. Many homeowners forget they piled up patio furniture on top of it or covered it to protect from elements. A covered outdoor AC unit won’t be able to draw enough air and its cooling ability will decline.

Tune up the indoor unit

Check on it to make sure all the connections are firm, and there are no signs of rust, cracks or any other visible damage. Examine the filter and evaluate whether it needs a thorough cleaning or it’s time to replace. After you determine that everything is in order, give your AC a test run. It’s better to find out the bad news now, when the heat is moderate and your Virginia AC repair pros are not too busy.