Essential Kitchen Appliances for an Awesome Super Bowl Party

football gameSuper Bowl is just a few days away, and if you are not attending someone else’s gathering, you’ll probably be hosting a party at your place.

To make the party preparation easier for you, Discount Appliance Repair has put together a list of essential kitchen appliances that won’t only help you cook and serve, but will amaze your guests with their coolness.

Mix up Your Own Dips

Rather than buying pre-made dips (or even worse – just-add-water dips), cook them yourself from fresh ingredients. To make chunky salsa and creamy guacamole fast and easily, you’ll need a good food processor or an immersion blender. Choose the one powerful enough for your intended use (hint: crashing ice is a tough job requiring at least 500w).

Keep the Food Warm

Super Bowl party is no place for a sit-down dinner, but buffet style is quite appropriate. Whether you are serving wings, mashed potatoes or steak, some food tastes better when it’s warm. Instead of running back and forth trying to reheat meals (and missing the game in the process), get a buffet server and a warming tray combo. They come in different shapes and sizes and are guaranteed to keep your food warm as long as you need it.

… and Drinks – Cold

Do you know what goes well with football? Among other things, beer does. And all the beer drinkers among your guests probably prefer it cold. Besides the traditional mini fridge and an ice bucket, there are a few other handy appliances to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature.

-     Beer froster is a great solution if everyone likes their drinks super cold. As you might now, storing certain alcoholic beverages in the freezer for a long time is not a good idea. Cans develop cracks and some containers simply explode or burst open. Beer froster is essentially a mini freezer that cools fast, gently and offers flexible temperature control.

-     Rapid beverage chiller, like the one made by Cooper Cooler, is a small appliance that can chill your drinks to the desired temperature within minutes. It takes up little space and lets you keep beer, soda or wine at room temperature and chill it when needed.

-     For a wow effect, surprise your friends with a remote-controlled cooler that brings beer to you. No more deciding who leaves the comfy couch to fetch another round of drinks: problem solved!

Save the Leftovers

Fewer people than expected showed up to your party, guests focused on drinking rather than eating, or you just over-planned – you end up with leftovers. Use a vacuum sealer, such as a FoodSaver, to preserve that leftover steak, seasoned snack mix or anything else that can be stored long-term. If you are grilling often, use vacuum sealer to marinate steaks to perfection.

Don’t stress about the mess

After every party follows a cleanup, and depending on how grand the party was, it might take hours. This is the one time you truly appreciate having a reliable dishwashing machine. We don’t suggest you buy one just for the Super Bowl, but consider how much easier your life would be without the chore of washing the dishes. And if you already have a dishwasher, make sure it’s in its top shape and ready for the heavy post-party workload. Give us a call if you need appliance repair in Northern Virginia. We’ll be happy to get you and your appliance back to your everyday routine as soon as possible.