A Christmas Dilemma: do appliances make good gifts?

a gift boxIt’s the Holiday Season, which means if you haven’t stocked up on Christmas goodies during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you are probably finding yourself in a tough situation. There’s only so much time left to buy presents for your loved ones, and it’s harder and harder to narrow down the choices.

Discount Appliance Repair is here today to talk about what we know best – appliances. Do they make good Christmas gifts? It all depends. Appliances are certainly functional, valuable and quite useful, but the key is to give the right appliance to the right person. So how do you know what’s right for whom? Here are a few tips.

Some basic rules of gifting appliances include:

-    Don’t give appliances to kids. Even if they are old enough to know how to use them, there’s definitely something more joyful and exciting they would rather have.

-     Don’t buy an appliance for a person unless you are 100% sure they don’t have it yet.

-     Don’t gift large appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines or dryers. These items usually fall into the “need” category, which means the recipients of the gift most likely have specific requirements for what they want in an appliance. Purchasing large appliances typically involves more than one decision maker, and you don’t want to give someone a gift they would have to return.

-     Don’t buy an appliance as a gift for your spouse if both of you know you would buy it regardless. This is true for pretty much any gift.

So once you know what NOT to do, let’s find out which appliances are “giftable” and who you should buy them for.

For a health nut

If you know someone who is into fitness, exercising, detoxing and eating right – give them a top-of-the-line juicer, food processer or blender. Pair it with a book of delicious and healthy smoothie recipes and you are all set.

For a kitchen dweller

Some people enjoy cooking so much, they rarely leave the kitchen. If you have one of those in your family, buy them a kitchen gadget that would make their life easier. Think a Kitchen Aid mixer, electric chopper or a crockpot. Be careful though – they most likely already have a lot of kitchen appliances.

For a foodie

Some people just like to eat and would rather avoid all the cooking hassle. For someone like that, choose an appliance that would help them prepare easy delicious meals at home. This could be a toaster oven, a fondue set or a popcorn machine.

For a clean freak

Everyone has a few things they are OCD about, and keeping the house clean is obsession of many people.  Someone who’s into cleaning, dusting and purifying is likely to appreciate a powerful car vacuum, an air dehumidifier/purifier, a water filter or a fancy steam mop.

Got a few ideas? Gift shopping is actually not that difficult as long as you know the people you are buying gifts for but, just in case, don’t forget to ask for a gift receipt. And, hey, if an appliance breaks (hopefully after a few years of great service), you know who to call for professional appliance repair in Virginia.