Cut Home Energy Costs by Cleaning Refrigerator Coils

If you pay for electricity and if you are, like many people, on a budget and trying to cut expenses where possible, then keep reading. Appliance repair specialists from Discount Appliance Repair are sharing a useful tip that can help you save close to $100 a year in electric bills. It’s not much, but it’s easily a dinner for two, couple more Christmas gifts for your loved ones or that new cookware set you’ve been eyeing. And all you need to do is clean your refrigerator coils!

In modern refrigerators, the coils are typically located at the very bottom and are protected by a face plate with holes for ventilation purposes. If you’ve had your refrigerator for a while and never suspected that coils have to be cleaned, you appliance is most likely not performing as efficiently as it could.

Condenser coils are meant to remove the heat from the refrigerator helping it cool down and maintain proper temperature inside. Coils covered in dust and hair don’t cool as quickly requiring refrigerator to use more energy to complete the process. You may also notice that the inside of the refrigerator is not as cold as usual. Being an energy hog as it is, refrigerator with dusty coils can use up to 25% more energy.

So how do you clean refrigerator coils?

(1)    Turn off the appliance. Just to be on the safe side, power down and unplug the fridge to avoid any risk of getting shocked by electricity.

(2)    Remove the face plate covering the coils. It usually snaps off, but depending on the make and model of your appliance it could be attached by screws.

(3)    Use the crevice attachment to your vacuum to remove all visible dust and debris surrounding the coils. Depending on how far your refrigerator door protrudes, it might be easier to keep it open while vacuuming.

(4)    After you get horrified by how many dust bunnies came from underneath your fridge, take a closer look at how much is left. Vacuum does a pretty good job, but it can only reach so far, so sometimes you might need a special long-handed brush to complete the project. You can find the brush in most home improvement stores and can later use it to clean the dryer vent and other narrow spaces.

(5)    Vacuum up any remaining dust.

(6)    Attach the face plate and enjoy the energy savings!

Clean refrigerator coils at least once a year or more often if you have pets that shed a lot of hair. And if you need help with refrigerator repair in Alexandria, Va., be sure to let us know!