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Appliance Safety Tips: Prevent Appliance Fires

Our modern life is not complete without appliances: cooking, cleaning and washing are just a few things that would take much longer if we didn’t have stoves, vacuum cleaners and washing machines. We have these handy gadgets almost in every room, which is very convenient, but also dangerous. Appliance fires are not uncommon and can be devastating. […]

Spring Cleaning to-do List for Your Household Appliances

Spring is definitely a busy time. Besides changing up the décor, putting away winter boots and coats and planting your garden, you also have a long list of the things to clean. Discount Appliance Repair would like to remind you to include your major household appliances in your spring cleaning spree. They’ve been working hard […]

Keeping Appliances in a Good Shape during the Holiday Season

We hope your appliances have made it through Thanksgiving dinner preparation with no problems. But don’t forget that Christmas family gathering and New Year’s party are still ahead and your overworked appliances might not make it out alive.   At Discount Appliance Repair, we get a lot appliance repair requests during the holiday season. It’s […]