Must-Have Appliances for Your Outdoor Kitchen

grill steaksSummer is almost here and you might have already had your first alfresco dinner this year. But carrying plates and glasses from the house to the dining table on your deck is a bit cumbersome, isn’t it? Especially the part when you are trying to open the doors with full hands and forks go flying everywhere. That’s why many homeowners opt for a separate outdoor (summer) kitchen.

Does it sound like something your family would really use and enjoy? At Discount Appliance Repair, we’ve put together a list of essential and not-so-essential appliances that you might want to include in your outdoor kitchen layout.

The Grill

Of course, we’ve all grilled fish or chicken on that George Forman mini-grill at some point, but nothing compares to the meals a full-scale outdoor grill can cook for you – not to mention the portion size. An outdoor grill is a must-have if you have a sweet spot for steak, ribs and other meaty deliciousness, or if you have people over often. Here are some of the features you might want to consider while choosing a perfect grill for your summer kitchen.

-     Rotisserie cooker is great for poultry

-     Side-burners will help cook many things at once

-     Choose your fuel type: gas, charcoal or combination

-     Utility drawers and storage shelves

-     Warming drawers

Pizza Oven

A wood-fired outdoor pizza oven is not something you see in every backyard. But if you enjoy home-made pizza, there is no better way to cook it. Just beware that this appliance might require some minor assembly, so call us if you need help in appliance installation in Virginia.

Sink and Dishwasher

These two items will make your outdoor cooking and cleanup so much easier, but they are also one of the most expensive to set up. You would need to hook up your sink and dishwasher to your home’s water supply and water disposal or run separate piping. It gets even more expensive if you want to have hot water outside, because hot water waste needs to be discharged through a sewer line and this may require some excavation.

Mini fridge

Mini fridge, wine cooler and ice-maker are your friends during the hot Virginia summers. No more running to the house or fishing in an ice-packed cooler for a cold drink – just open the fridge! Besides drink storage, your outdoor refrigerator is also perfect for keeping condiments, extra appetizers or chilled deserts at hand.

A new twist on an old mini fridge is a kegerator, which is essentially a refrigerator for a keg of beer, which you can dispense on tap. (In our years of performing appliance repair in Virginia, we’ve seen a few of these – it’s definitely a statement piece!)

While selecting appliances, remember a few ground rules:

-    Think about the budget: if the money is tight, go with a simple setup, but leave a room for adding more gadgets in the future when you can afford it.

-    Think about the space: don’t overcrowd your cooking area if the space is limited.

-    Go for the best quality and for the most durable materials – your outdoor kitchen will be subject to the elements 24/7, which may shorten the lifespan of your appliances.

-    Stainless steel and natural stone materials are perfect for outdoors.

-    Think about security: if you don’t trust leaving your expensive appliances outside through the winter, make sure they are portable and easy to unhook, so that you can store them in a garage.

We hope your outdoor kitchen project turns out great, and if any appliance (indoors or out) starts causing you trouble, you know you can call us, you trusted provider of appliance repair in Virginia.