Appliance Repair Resources You Have to be Familiar with as a Consumer

consumer resourcesInternet is a powerful tool that a lot of people don’t take the full advantage of. Reading news, chatting on social networks and looking up reviews of your local Fairfax VA appliance repair company are not the only things internet is good for.

You now have an access to a vast amount of resources that can help you make your home a safer place, defend your consumer rights and even save money by doing research and being proactive.

Today, our Virginia appliance repair team brings you a list of useful sites you should be familiar with as an owner of home appliances.


Not having a manual is not a valid excuse to neglect or misuse your appliance anymore. Luckily, all major manufacturers have websites these days, and no matter if you lost the manual or never had it, you can easily access it online.  Here are direct links to manuals for your convenience – just use your appliance model number to find the right manual.

LG appliance and electronics manuals

Maytag appliance manuals

GE appliance manuals

Kenmore appliance manuals

Whirlpool appliance manuals

If you can’t find a manual for your appliance on the manufacturer’s website, try this free online resource:

Appliance Repair

When an appliance breaks, calling your local Fairfax, Va., appliance repair pros might be your first instinct, but that’s not always the best thing to do. First, check if your appliance is still under warranty. In this case, the manufacturer will take care of everything. However, if it isn’t, refer to the manual and the support section of the manufacturer’s website to get tips for troubleshooting.

Basic troubleshooting can help you save money and will ensure that the repairman doesn’t drive all the way to your location just to plug your appliance back into the outlet or flip a circuit breaker.  If you want to try a more in-depth DIY, check out these great resources:




Appliance Safety

Most of the time, following the manual is enough to make sure you are using an appliance as intended and don’t create fire hazards or other risks to your health and safety. However, on occasion you may purchase appliances that were poorly designed or improperly assembled. If you registered your appliance online, you might receive a recall notice from the manufacturer when a recall occurs. Otherwise, it’s your responsibility to keep an eye out for public announcements and other product recall information. You can refer to these sites for help finding if your appliance has been recalled.

Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website offers general information on consumer safety and also lists recalled consumer products, appliances among them. If you suspect your appliance is unsafe to use, you can report it to CPSC. When the organization or the manufacturer receives a lot of complaints or reports of injuries caused by appliance use, either party may issue a recall.

Different types of items, such as appliances, food, pesticides or vehicles, can be recalled by different organizations. The government has created a convenient resource – – that lets you search all involved organizations from FDA to EPA in one place.

We hope this list will make you a better informed consumer. And remember, if you ever come across an appliance repair company that attempt to scam you, charges for bogus repairs or is otherwise dishonest, you can submit a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.