Appliance Installation: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

on the burnerIt’s always exciting to buy a new appliance. You spent long hours researching, choosing and getting it for the right price, and it’s finally installation time!

Discount Appliance Repair is here to guide your through this process. Regardless of what kind of appliance you are dealing with, here are some basic appliance installation rules you need to follow.

Safety first

Hooking up a new appliance usually takes more than just plugging it into the outlet. In many cases, you also have to deal with connecting gas and water pipes and doing some assembly work, not to mention moving the heavy appliance to fit snug into the designated spot. When you disregard safety you risk getting injured during the installation process. Do this before starting the work:

-     Shut off electricity and, if necessary, gas and water supply to the appliance before removing an old one and installing a new one. Turn it back on only after you are completely finished.

-     Double check if the outlet has appropriate voltage and is sturdy (won’t pull out with the plug).

-     Recruit someone to help you lift and move the appliance. Dragging it around will damage your floors and getting creative with blankets and furniture pads might not end well.

-     Know what you are doing: incorrectly installed appliance can malfunction or catch on fire causing damage to you and your property. Call your Reston appliance installation specialist if you are having doubts about your skills.

Keep it clean

If you are replacing an old appliance, take the opportunity to clean the floor underneath it. When will be the next time you get an access to this part of the floor? Probably not until you need to pull the appliance out for maintenance or repair, which hopefully won’t be soon!

So, once you get rid of that old refrigerator, sweep and wash the spot where it used to stand. You’ll be surprised how many dust bunnies, pennies, noodles and other random stuff you’ll find there. Cleaning not only marks the fresh start, but also prevents any small debris from getting underneath the feet of your new appliance and throwing it off balance.

Leave enough room

You might be tempted to avoid any gaps and go for a tight fit, but it’s necessary to leave your appliance some room for a few reasons:

-     At some point, you might need to move the appliance for service or repair purposes. This could be complicated if it sits tight in its niche and there’s nothing to grab on to.

-     Some appliances might have fans on the backside that need some room allow for air circulation.

-     If a particular appliance requires attaching cords, hoses or pipes from the back, don’t place such appliance too close to the wall, as it may cause hoses to bend and even detach.

Make sure it’s level

Installing appliances on a level surface is important, and not just from aesthetic standpoint. Wobbly, unevenly positioned appliance can tip over, is uncomfortable to use and can even suffer internal damage, especially if it has moving parts.

Can’t stop looking at your newly installed beautiful appliance? Don’t forget you still have the old one to dispose of. Instead of kicking it to the curb to be picked up by a garbage truck, consider recycling it. You can do it by giving it to friends or relatives, donating to charity or dropping off at one of the electronics recycling centers in your area that can ensure no harm is done to nature.