5 Ways to Get Maximum Energy Savings out of Your Dishwasher

dishwasherDishwasher has long been considered a luxury and was frowned upon by environmentalists. However, the recent studies have shown that it, in fact, leaves a smaller carbon footprint and uses less energy than washing dishes by hand. At Discount Appliance Repair, we can help you install or repair your dishwasher, but you will need to follow certain rules to achieve highest energy savings:

1. Run dishwasher only with a full load. This will maximize you energy saving, as well as prolong the life of your dishwasher because you’ll be using it less.

2. Don’t pre-rinse the dishes. Most modern dishwashers are well capable of removing even toughest stains from your cups and plates. If you do pre-rinse, you can make it more eco-friendly by:

-          Using cold water

-          Doing it right after you use the dish, so that the food remains come off easier and you use less water

3. Use the right settings. Your dishwasher might have cycle options designed to lower energy use. Read the manual and show all your family members which settings to use when they wash the dishes.

4. Opt out of drying. Most dishwashers have an option to dry the dishes at the end of the cycle. Older models use heating element to make the water evaporate, which in its turn consumes more energy. If you have such a setting on your dishwasher, opt out of drying. The water should evaporate pretty quickly once you open the door.

-          If you have a modern Energy Star model, you can use “no-heat air-dry” function that works by circulating air instead of emitting heat.

5. Fix issues promptly. As the time goes by, you might notice your dishes coming out not as clean as usual. This is because some parts, such as water inlet valve, can wear out causing insufficient water supply. Many people end up running another washing cycle do achieve the desired “squeaky clean” result. If you catch yourself doing that, contact your local appliance repair company immediately to get your dishwasher fixed. The longer you wait – the more water and energy you waste.

Of course, older appliances can’t compete with modern Energy Star models that consume significantly less energy. So if you are in a market for a new dishwasher, don’t let the price and the looks become your priorities. Energy efficient appliances might be more expensive, but they save you money in a long run.

Before you purchase, make sure to study all specifications, in particular the water use and different cycle options. Some dishwasher can automatically adjust water supply depending on how dirty the dishes are, which is great for preserving natural resources.

And if you need dishwasher repair or installation in Virginia, Maryland or DC, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.