5 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Washing Machine

Everyone likes clean clothes, but doing laundry – not so much. Carrying baskets back and forth (or even worse: up and down) is no fun, but if you put things in perspective, it’s much better than driving to the laundromat or hand washing your clothes. Washing machine is a very important household appliance, and when it breaks it’s a huge inconvenience. At Discount Appliance Repair, we know how to prolong the life of your washing machine and help you get the most out of your appliances:

Read the manual

It sounds obvious, but how many of us actually do it? Whenever you get a new appliance, make sure you read the manual and keep it for reference. You might have had similar washing machine before and you know how to operate one, but each model is different and may require different care. Following the manual will also guarantee that if anything malfunctions, your warranty will cover it since it wasn’t your fault.

Also, make sure every family member who will be using the washer reads the manual too. If it’s just you who follows the rules and everyone else does what they want, it’s counterproductive.

Check the pockets

Always remember to check the pockets of the clothes you load in the washer and remove all detachable items, such as pins, accessories, etc. Also watch out for buttons that are hanging on the last thread, because all these small items can cause a lot of trouble. They can get into the motor or clog the drainage system leaving you with a broken machine and costly repairs. As Virginia appliance repair company, we’ve had customers whose machines got damaged by such debris.

Use compatible detergent

Older machines can take pretty much any kind of detergent, but the newer high efficiency (HE) models require HE detergent, and sometimes even a specific brand. Also make sure that bleach and fabric softener are added to the wash at the right time through the correct dispensers. Not following these rules may confuse the program and prevent the cycle from completion.

Solve the hard water problem

Over time, mineral deposits build up in your pipes and cause your water to have high mineral content. Such hard water can dry your skin and, most importantly, it reduces the effectiveness of detergents and causes lime scale buildup on metal surfaces. If you know you have hard water, then the solution is a water softener that can be installed on a pipe before water enters the house.  This easy fix can add several years to the life of your washing machine and other appliances that process water.

Clean the washer on a regular basis

Clean it at least once a month even if you don’t have any problems with the machine and it looks clean. Run an empty cycle with the hottest water and recommended cleaning agents to dissolve lime deposits and kill off mildew. Leaving the washer door open when not in use can also discourage mold growth as it will help air out the inside of the machine.

Follow these tips and you can get up to 12 years of exceptional service out of your washer. And if anything happens, give us a call and we’ll take care of your washing machine repair in Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland.