Appliance Safety Tips: Prevent Appliance Fires

Our modern life is not complete without appliances: cooking, cleaning and washing are just a few things that would take much longer if we didn’t have stoves, vacuum cleaners and washing machines. We have these handy gadgets almost in every room, which is very convenient, but also dangerous. Appliance fires are not uncommon and can be devastating. […]

Must-Have Appliances for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Summer is almost here and you might have already had your first alfresco dinner this year. But carrying plates and glasses from the house to the dining table on your deck is a bit cumbersome, isn’t it? Especially the part when you are trying to open the doors with full hands and forks go flying […]

How to Survive Summer Without Air Conditioning

In one of our previous posts we’ve discussed how to reduce A/C-related energy use during summer, but it’s possible to go completely A/C-free. At this point, you might be asking why would anyone voluntary give up the privilege of enjoying the cool air indoors when it’s blazing hot outside. There could be a few reasons […]