Appliance Repair Services

Appliance Repair

Discount Appliance Repair Co. provides appliance repair and maintenance services for most major household appliance brands. Our technicians have years of experience in repairing an array of appliances.

Avoid worsening the problem and serious injury by attempting to repair your appliances yourself. Our trained technicians have all the necessary training, tools and manpower to get your appliances back up and running again in no time.

We service most major brands of household appliances including:

  • Freezers & Ice Makers- We know how to troubleshoot most freezer problems and check you freezer's vital signs from cooling temperature to noise levels.
  • Refrigerators- Whether your refrigerator won't turn at all, runs continuously or is not cool enough, our repair professionals can fix the problem.
  • Central Air Conditioning repair & Heat Pumps- Your AC unit needs regular servicing and seasonal tune-up; don't wait till it breaks to call us! A heat pump does both heating and cooling; therefore, it experiences twice as much wear and tear than a regular AC unit.
  • Water Heaters- Hot water is essential to our day-to-day activities and is often taken for granted until the water heater breaks. The sooner you call us - the sooner we'll fix it.
  • Gas Furnaces- Did you know that a gas furnace has filters that need to be replaced once a month during the heating season? Whether your furnace has been neglected for years or just needs a quick tune-up – we can help.
  • Washers & Dryers- Front-loading, top-loading, gas or electric – Discount Appliance Repair can install or repair them all. Don't waste time and money on the trips to a laundromat; get your own appliance repaired today.
  • Garbage Disposals- A garbage disposal requires minimal maintenance, but it can get jammed occasionally, and that's when you call us.
  • Dishwashers- Although it's not a vital appliance, a dishwasher makes life so much easier and saves a lot of time. Don't wait until you run out of clean dishes to schedule a repair.
  • Ranges & Ovens- If you notice that you range or oven is not heating properly, smells like gas or has lost some features, don't delay a repair. Operating a malfunctioning appliance can present a risk of electric shock and even fire.

  • Brands We Service

    Brands we Service