Quick & Quality Air Conditioning Repair

Naturally, you don’t want to wait until your air conditioning unit malfunctions or breaks. Proper preventive maintenance will help keep your air conditioner running smoothly. But if one day your AC just stops working, you can always rely on Discount Appliance Repair for prompt and cost-effective AC repair in Fairfax, Va., and other areas in Virginia and Washington D.C.

If any of these problems sound familiar, call us to talk to an AC repair technician who will guide you through initial troubleshooting and diagnose the issue.

  • AC doesn’t turn on after a winter break
  • AC unexpectedly stopped working
  • AC doesn’t get cold enough
  • AC doesn’t blow air
  • AC runs nonstop
  • AC runs, but no air is coming from vents
  • Outdoor compressor unit has gotten unusually loud

We dealt with these and many other AC problems and have helped many homeowners in Fairfax, Va., Alexandria, Va., and even Washington DC get their air conditioners back up and running. From our experience, a lot of AC issues stem from improper installation, neglected maintenance and poor service. People come to us for air conditioning repair in Fairfax, Va., because we get to the root of the problem instead of selling you bogus solutions and unnecessary part replacements. Call us today to schedule your appointment.